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Performative program “Transparency”

Performative program “Transparency”

Day 1
Saturday, 10. 12. 2016
Day 2
Sunday, 11. 12. 2016

Maria Lukyanova and Antonina Melnyk. The Wedding. Semi-documentary performance in six acts

This performance highlights the problem of absense of rights for LGBTQ couples in Ukraine, giving the marital example. Marriage is a solution of many legal and economic issues. Wishing to...
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Anton Romanov «Identity map / Hate speech» (Ukraine)

“Identity map / Hate speech” is not a performance. Perhaps it is an antiperformance or aperformance, or not a performance at all. This is an attempt to understand our own identity and...
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Artem Zavadovsky «Our language is a fire that burns» (Moldova)

Words can hurt and kill. Words can humiliate and make hate oneself. Like the scorching flames, they can leave untreated marks all over the body. It is only you to...
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Mariana Yaremchyshyna and Rose Puthenpurackal «Losscut» (Ukraine / USA)

In our hierarchical society where certain people define standards that apply to everyone else, compliance or noncompliance with these standards is crucial to survival. A woman is particularly forced to build her...
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Natalia Lisova “(detailed) INTEGRITY” (Ukraine)

The action of the performer focuses on consecutive dissection of a rose on items: petals, leaves, thorns, stem. Each separate element of a rose artist lays out on the table with...
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Radio Surrealism ”equality schedule” (Ukraine)

Sunday is cleaning day, and this time it’s my turn. Clear as water, wet as cleaning.