Мистецтво - це рушійна сила соціальних перетворень!


Discussions, concerts, performances and other events, you can visit during the festival
Day 1
Thursday, 10. 12. 2015
Day 2
Friday, 11. 12. 2015
Day 3
Saturday, 12. 12. 2015
Day 4
Sunday, 13. 12. 2015

Melissa: Mom and Me, documentary (Israel, 2010)

Melissa: Mom and Me. Israel, 2010 Documentary 60 min. Yael and Melissa met 7 year ago, while working as strippers in Japan. Yael an, Israeli photographer, filmed their blooming friendship....
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Monoperformance “Kafka’s Monkey”

Imprisoned in a cage and desperate to escape, the ape-man reveals his rise through the ranks of the beasts to become a walking, talking, spitting, smoking, hard-drinking man of the...
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«66%» (Ukraine, documentary, 2015)

This film is about women who because of the war were forced to leave their homes, work and familiar life. Now they are trying to live in peaceful part of...
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«Not at Home» ( Germany | Denmark | Afghanistan, 2013)

Directed by Shahrbanoo Sadat & Katja Adomeit Genre: Hybrid (combination of feature and documentary). Duration: 65 min. In Kabul, a family with 4 girls are about to move to a...
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The farce drama “Prostitute”

Duration: 25 minutes Directed by Natalia Prokopenko Starring: Ida Shmulich Based on the play of Dario Fo

“Gender monologues” (“Insha” NGO)

“Gender monologues” are personal, documented srories, presented in the form of theatrical monologues that make you think on what we are losing because of gender stereotypes. The project “Gender monologues”...
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Queer Yoga by Yulia Andriychuk

Queer Yoga classes is open to people with different sexual orientations and gender identyties, where they can feel free and relaxed without any inconveniences and misunderstandings. The ability to attend...
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“GULABI GANG”, documentary (India, 2012)

Director: Jane Nishta; India, 2012; Genre: Documentary; Duration: 96 min. Gulabi Gang is a 2012 Norwegian-Indian –Danish co-production documentary written and directed by Nishtha Jain and co-written and produced by...
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Queer-chapel – is, on the one hand, an ironic look at the institution of marriage and the church wedding procedure in its current form. On the other hand, it is...
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