Мистецтво - це рушійна сила соціальних перетворень!

Forum theatre performance

Saturday, 10. 12. 2016
13:00 - 15:00
Lecture Hall

Forum theatre performance

Forum performance script is written not by professional writers but by people obtaining similar experiences and being able to share them. They play the plot created themselves, too. Forum performance provides an opportunity for the audience to interfere in the action, to rehearse or show their ways of overcoming obstacles, the main hero can not handle with.

Forum performance of trans* people is created specially for the December Equality Festival at a forum theatre workshop by the trans* people and their allies in November-December. Workshop and forum show hosted by Nino Hodorivsk_a from “Theatre for dialog” NGO. One may see total oppression faced by trans* people: emotionally, physically, rationally. With the intervention of the audience we will explore successful strategies of changes in these situations and will find allies to-be for such changes.

Want to be an actor or actress of your life, not the audience? Welcome to the forum theatre!