Мистецтво - це рушійна сила соціальних перетворень!

Katja Petrowskaja evening

Saturday, 10. 12. 2016
20:00 - 21:30
Ear Hall

Katja Petrowskaja evening

Катя ПетровськаIt seemed almost impossible, but we used all influence means – requests, prayers, manipulations and threats, declarations of love and vows of eternal fidelity, compliments and outright flattery, persuasion and bribe in form of the tickets to the premiere of the Limb opera – we finally managed to get the writer and journalist Katja Petrowskaja (Berlin) in our nets.

So viva the blessed inhabitants of the capital and city guests (especially ones set out to visit Equality Festival in Kyiv)!

Because on Saturday, December 10 at 20:00 at the project space “Plіvka” Katja Petrowskaja is going to speak about the following:
book “Maybe Esther” (Мабуть Естер) and her family members history, which tells about several generations who have been dealing with deaf people training and passed through all the horrors of the 20th century – the Holocaust, the world wars and repressions;
Khodasevich poetics and her circle of reading contemporary poetry;
passion for contemporary classical music, and in particular – in the opera;
etc., because the range of the guest’s interests is as wide as the range of her readers in Europe – and you will surely expand it, joining these slender ranks (if not yet).

Moderator (if any required) – Dmitry Kazakov.

The event was made possible with the assistance of teams Plivka, Kyiv poetry week and Equality Festival.

Free admission.