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Maria Mayerchyk: “Why “born this way” argument is homophobic?”

Saturday, 10. 12. 2016
15:30 - 17:00
Ear Hall

Maria Mayerchyk: “Why “born this way” argument is homophobic?”

Maria Mayerchyk, queer feminist, researcher, journalist, chief editor of “Feminist Criticism: Eastern European journal of feminist and queer studies”

«In my 30-minute speech I will give at least 3 reasons why the argument “born this way” continues the tradition of homophobic thinking and poorly contributes to struggle of overcoming inequalities and does not prevent othering. This argument seems perfect only at first glance, however, it transforms the reality for all of us, but not in our favour.

We all are those non-cisgender, non-white, non-heteronormative, with disabilities, whose masculinity is not connected with the male body, whose femininity is a judgment, or whose gender ignores the proposed nomenclature, whose bodies are fatally marked and whose opinion is always “biased”, “inobjective”, “too emotional”, never impartial – should develop language that can unite us, not divide. What this language is?

After the speech, I will offer open discussion to discuss possible new rhetorical strategies for non-normative policies».