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Melissa: Mom and Me, documentary (Israel, 2010)

Thursday, 10. 12. 2015

Melissa: Mom and Me, documentary (Israel, 2010)

Melissa PhotoMelissa: Mom and Me.
Israel, 2010
60 min.

Yael and Melissa met 7 year ago, while working as strippers in Japan. Yael an, Israeli photographer, filmed their blooming friendship. During the filming Melissa reviled the story of her abusive father, the story of her 3 abounded kids, and mostly her feeling of being lost in the world. In 2009 after meeting the film director Limor Pinhasov, they decided to travel to the USA and see how Melissa is doing today. Yael became a respected artist she married and seems to be well. In the USA we found Mellissa struggling one day at the time. The heart of this film is the powerful reunion of two courageous, sincere women.