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Parents of LGBT. Live library

Sunday, 11. 12. 2016
15:30 - 17:30
Lecture Hall

Parents of LGBT. Live library

Анна Медко
Coming out of LGBT people in front of their parents and further understanding often becomes a challenge. Especially in our post-Soviet society where the older generation was brought up in the system of values which did not cover sexual education, and was hostile to any otherness in general. Therefore, in Kyiv, parents and other people close to LGBT created TERGO public initiative that provides social support to parents who found out about the homosexuality of their child and so are going through a difficult time of understanding their peculiarities.

During the live library you will get the possibility to communicate with parents – participants of TERGO who understood their LGBT children and have got along with them. In a friendly atmosphere you could ask difficult questions and try to get answers that might improve relationships between parents and children in your own family. Participation of the psychologist in the event could also help.

Moderator: Anna Medko (pictured), one of the founders of TERGO parental initiative, mother of adopted gay son, activist of LGBT movement for over 7 years.
Psychologist: Marina Didenko, TERGO practical psychologist, author of a number of training seminars for parents of LGBT children, leading trainer in the system of implementation of the equality policy.