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PostPlayTheatre, non-performance “Questions”

Sunday, 11. 12. 2016
19:30 - 21:00
Ear Hall

PostPlayTheatre, non-performance “Questions”


Majority of our problems in the country today are caused by difficulties of communication. We just do not hear each other. When we begin to debate it often turns out that in fact we have either the same ideas, just express them in different ways, or we are not able to doubt our own point of view. “Questions” is an attempt to overcome these difficulties.

“Questions” is not a performance. “Questions” are staged in PostPlayTheatre, there is a director and playwriters, actors and audience, but this is not a theatre. For more than a year of its existence “Questions” has subjected to a serious transformation and continue to evolve. Now the audience plays main role on “Questions”, and what will happen (or not happen) – the quality of dialogue, debate sharpness, provocative answers – completely depends on you. “Is it entertainment or hard work?” – that is the question. You can not give a simple answer on comprehensive questions. And when there is no clear answer – there are new questions. Together we will try not only to discover something new in ourselves, but also to hear someone next to you.

Idea: Anton Romanov
Text: Dan and Yana Humenny