Мистецтво - це рушійна сила соціальних перетворень!

Short films festival

Sunday, 11. 12. 2016
15:30 - 17:30
Ear Hall

Short films festival

The world is full of diversity and living in it is never completely predictable. People may believe that some minority issues are not linked to them personally. Then sudden coincidence will throw away all “healthy and wealthy” out of privileged majority. Does one obtain enough power and courage to cope with this? One can search for help in society, but isn’t it in vain? It attracts with chimeras of “traditional values”, but its real tradition is violence, humiliation of weaker. And if you are a woman, this is particularly bad news.

But society is also changeable. It got used to determine how to identify us, but we can always put it into question. Today you may be one person, tomorrow you may become a different one. And this is also a challenge. But eventually, people on the edge of social norms can get a piece of happiness, too. Even if it is gained after fighting for it. You can succeed and even inspire others with your own example. And the world will change for the better.

These difficult topics are highlighted in the films of our festival. They may give you the answers or, on the contrary, will raise new questions – but in any case they will provide mental pabulum.