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Transgender coming out: revealing the reality

Transgender coming out: revealing the reality


Common interviews with transgender people are focused on a very limited sector, considering physicality and perception of that physicality by the individual and his/her surrounding. And questions like “Tell us about surgeries?” are added automatically.
Authors of the project which includes photos and stories of transgender people decided to go beyond these boundaries and look at the topic from a different point of view: not the body’s but the mind’s. Make sure, it turned out even more interesting.
The aim of the project for them is to show the beauty difference, the real people retouch and staging free. They show that there is a huge diversity of gender identities and they are all beautiful.

The project was made with support of Insight NGO, AdamanT and Agents of Q.U.E.E.R.

Photographer: Nikita Karimov
Authors and editors: Alexandra Zakharova and Tangarr Forgart